Big Bear Films


Rose & Adrian -

Where do you start !!
Scott is the loveliest bear I’ve ever met - with a wicked sense of humour.
His presence is calming & comforting when feeling great emotions on the wedding day!
The perfect eye to have on the other side of the camera! His talent for film is like no other. He was worth every penny to have over the ditch in NZ.
*excellent party trick if you’re lucky!


Wesley & Gabby -

“We knew we wanted a videographer to capture our big day, but we did not know how much the video would mean to us. We were married in America and Scott travelled with us to capture every moment. He was so relaxed and we barely noticed him capturing all of our special moments. He did an amazing job making sure our loved ones were present in the video, as it was very special for us to have all of our family and friends there on same day. The way he composed the film really captured our love story, who we are as a couple, and it preserved the feel of our wedding day for us to relive over and over. There has not been a single person who did not cry watching it. It was truly the best investment.”


Caitlin and Shaun -

"We are so grateful for Scott and Big Bear Films! We were umming and aching as to whether or not we could afford or wanted to have a videographer at our wedding, but holy moly are we glad we did. It is one of the greatest decisions we made! Scott was down to earth, worked incredibly well with our photographer and we felt so comfortable with him at our wedding. He was like a guest! The quality of his work is fantastic and the video is such a perfect depiction of how incredible our day was. We can’t thank Scott enough and have recommended him to our friends and family getting married in the near future! Thank you so much Scott. " 


Ben Sowry Photo -

“To describe Scott in words is almost impossible. His work speaks volumes, his personality moves mountains and he has the cutest pupper in all of Sydney. Book this humble human if you want a lifelong friend and an absolute banger of a Wedding Documentary. There, I just made the impossible, possible.”


Megan & Todd -

“When Todd and I became engaged we knew straight away that we wanted Scott involved in our big day. We had extremely high expectations after seeing his previous work and he went above and beyond what we thought was possible for our wedding video. On the day Scott really put us both at ease and made the photography session 100 times more enjoyable for us both. He was able to see photo and video opportunities that turned out to be absolutely amazing. Most importantly he is friendly, easy going, and captured really important moments throughout entire day. Some of the time you won't even know he is there filming away. We are so so thankful to Scott for being involved in our big day and creating the masterpiece video that he did. It is so important to have the right personality there with you on your big day and we can't recommend Scott enough. We love you Scotty!!!”