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Jack & Steph - Duffys Forest, NSW

Towards the end of 2017, a couple of my dear friends (Jack & Steph) approached me to shoot their wedding on October 13, 2018. The only difference being they were looking for me to photograph their special day, not film.

I often capture the odd stills here and there for my clients during their weddings, but this would be my first wedding exclusively photographing and directing - so it was safe to say i was a bit surprised by their request.

While i was excited to take on this new challenge and expand on my skill set, I questioned Steph on her reasoning. i was met with the following:

“You know i hate having my photo taken - I don’t want to feel uncomfortable and awkward on my wedding day. Jack and I feel comfortable to be ourselves around you and I know that your photos and work are amazing.”

Steph’s confidence in my work spurred me on to take the job - but life had a few hurdles to throw at me before the day arrived.

A few short weeks after accepting the job my wife and I were given the amazing news that we were to become parents for the first time - the only downside being our little baby girl was due a week before the wedding. And, just because she could, she decided to come late - finally arriving on the 11th, 2 days before the big day.

If a new born baby wasn’t enough of a hurdle, silly me had a mountain bike accident 2 weeks out and broke my collar bone (safe to say my wife wasn’t particularly impressed with that one). However, thanks to hospital grade Voltaren, will power and pure adrenaline, I persevered and made it through the whole day with a huge grin on my face as i watched (and photograph) my friends tie the knot.

A huge thank you to Jack & Steph for believing in me and my work and allowing me to capture your special day. It was an honour to be a part of such a beautiful union and i hope the photos do justice to how perfect the day truly was.

PS: Big thanks to Mother Nature for holding back her torrential rain for the afternoon.


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